Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bosu Balance Trainer: Pros, Cons and all you need to know.

  • A special option to prepare for energy and balance
  • Great for professional athletes, novices, younger and old people.
  • Pushes the body through a vibrant array of movements.
  • Expensive
  • Tough to understand how to make the most of without videos
Key points
  • BOSU Balance Trainer may be used for cardiovascular, weight training and/or stability workouts
  • BOSU Balance Trainer will help enhance all muscle groups from the human body, especially the stabilizer muscles
  • BOSU Balance Trainer is actually a practical product which can make all your valuable day to day activities easier
The BOSU (abbreviation for 'Both Sides Up') Balance Trainer is the newest in stability training. It's like a workout ball that has been slashed in one half with a well balanced/flat side and an round side. This will make for a functional bit of gear which can be used for anything from cardiovascular workout to yoga. Because of the ball side upwards, you'll be able to stay on, work with, squat or make use of it like you'd step on for aerobics--the variation is the human body has got to consistently move and acquire to keep lined up. This not merely will help burn off a lot more fat, but boosts agility and stability. Switch it over and you also can make use of it as a workbench (for weight training), pushups or simply just seated upon it to test your stability. It's costly, but I think it adds a delightful factor that is usually missing out from common exercises.

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